Felted soaps

Felted soaps are unique, beautiful and highly functional!

One of our bars of pure, naturally healthy soap is woven inside a colorful wrap of natural sheep wool fibers.  This is wool that we purchase from a lovely family who runs a sheep farm in the midwest US. The sheep are well cared for and the wool is naturally plant dyed on site.  Then it is shipped off to us, where I choose a selection of the colors, lay out the fibers and get busy felting.  I use a variety of colors so there will never be any two the same. 

The beauty of the felting process is that the wool is naturally anti-microbial, is soft to the touch and very gently exfoliating. It replaces your need for a washcloth, remains on the soap and needs no extra care. As you bathe with the bar, the wool shrinks to fit the soap as it shrinks. 

These are truly a wonderful experience!