Artisan soaps

So why artisan and why this distinction? Tommy and I yearned for a few pathways that would allow us to focus our creativity in single directions. We soon found ourselves thinking about what artisan soaps meant to us. As soon as we did, the creative ideas flooded forth! We are still sketching out new soap recipes and ideas that come up each day. The first ones below are maverick soaps that don’t seem to fit into any particular category; they help us anchor the artisan line in their uniqueness.


We live in such an interesting area of the country and wanted to share some of it through our soaps. Sometimes the ingredients are locally sourced from the community and some of the ingredients will be sourced directly from our environment. What do rain, ocean water, local honey look like in soap? Just have a look. There is that and so much more.

Tommy and I are very committed to continuing to create and maintain an intimate relationship within our greater community and the environment itself. You will see the evidence of this in all of our soaps; most especially in the Indigenous Line as we add extra ingredients from the best of South Carolina to an already amazing soap base.

Tommy and I love to travel. We relish the experience of the people and  the land; the  foods and cultures of the various world communities.  Our experiences everywhere we go become part of us, changing our world view as well as our inner one. Through the International Line, we wanted to not only include soaps that reflect our feelings and experiences of the places we have been or dream of yet arriving, but also the tastes smells and sounds that live within us from touching them. Travel the world with us as we unveil these special soaps.


While all of our soaps are handcrafted in small batches, we have created a couple of different lines for several reasons. We wanted to create a great “everyday, basic” soap line that was in no way “basic”. These soaps are lush, nutrient rich, diverse soaps that are filled with healing potential and deep nourishment – body, mind and spirit!

Luscious Basics

Where does it go from here? We have no idea and can’t wait to take that ride with each of you! We can share with you though, our dreaming boards are filled with creative, healing and nourishing supportive products. We hope you will enjoy these special soaps as much as we have enjoyed crafting them!