Honey Oatmeal

We live in such an interesting area of the country and wanted to share some of it through our soaps. Sometimes the ingredients are locally sourced from the community, some of them will be sourced from the environment and the rest is left to the creativity that comes forward as we get deeper into the discovery of them.

This beautiful soap contains local honey that is a deep, amber color. This strong color is what creates the caramel color of the soap and scents it lightly with a warm rich aroma. We make our own almond milk from scratch, cheese-clothing it into the soap batter, and then add our hand ground colloidal oatmeal for extra richness. It is truly a decadent bar.

The addition of Honey Oatmeal to our line of soaps is the first non-vegan soap we are making. (Honey is a natural product of bees and is therefore not considered vegan.) Locally sourced, there is not only no harm to any bees in the gathering of this product, there exists a naturally supportive and life-enhancing partnership between bee and hive keeper. This is a fine example of the natural interrelationship of man and nature – or actually, multiple participants of nature in supportive harmony with each other and the whole. These harmonious relationships fit our vision for our products perfectly!

What makes honey attractive for soap? Naturally anti-microbial and antioxidant, honey is a natural proponent of skin health and wound healing. As a natural humectant, attracting moisture to the skin and drawing it inward, honey mosturizes, softens and promotes elasticity for the healthiest of skin.

Try a little honey today!