We are so pleased to introduce you to Forest. This beautiful bar is generously conditioning and moisturizing, as well as a great cleansing soap. ┬áNatural colorants create an interesting layering of mossy green and deep brown and it is lightly scented with pure woodsy essential oils. Spanish Moss from penny’s woods is gently collected when dropped from the oaks, then cleaned, air dried, ground and gently added to the soap. A bit of spanish moss provides a light stimulation to circulation- a great addition for your skin’s best health.

Spanish Moss you say? Yes! It is very abundant here and has a deep history in South Carolina. One of the most recognizable photos from the area may well be the Spanish moss draped live oaks. Not only is it an important part of the ecosystem here, it has been reported to be anitbacterial and slows the aging process of the skin.

We know you will love it for many reasons!