Moisturizing balms, lotion bars and infused oils


Imagine the heavenly delight of coconut oil, olive and Moroccan argan oil along with our  hand infused herbal oils,  blended with butters of cocoa, mango and shea! Our special proprietary essential oil blends are delicately added, or you may request an unscented one. This is not your grandma’s lipchap! In fact, you may want to make sure she gets one when you order!

Now that is something that lips can get very happy about!

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Rosemary contains: Organic rosemary infused organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, Moroccan argan oil, unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter, mango butter.  Some local beeswax is added for firmness. A touch of rosemary and mint essential oil complete this wonderful lipbalm.

Calendula contains: Organic calendula infused organic extra virgin olive oil, organic coconut oil, Moroccan argan oil, unrefined shea butter, cocoa butter, kokum butter. A bit of local beeswax is added for firmness. Unscented.

A little bit goes a long way. Without heavy waxes, these balms glide easily across your lips. Go lightly at first until you see how little it takes to work hard for you. Your lips have never felt so soft and smooth.

This special blend of oils and butters was specifically created by us for their immense deep healing to lips. Not only does it heal at the surface, you may find that the regenerative effect of the balm goes deeper into the skin and rejuvenates it with lasting effect.

*As they are a pure product without artificial hardeners, you will want to be mindful of keeping them within a reasonable range of temperature, outside of excessive heat.


Made from many of the same oils and butters used in our amazing lip balms, these lotion bars are decadent! We create a range a infusions just for them. Choose rosemary mint, orange ginger, lavender, frankincense or calendula. You will be amazed by how little it takes to moisturize your skin and what a silky glow it will have too!

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So many of our products contain organic botanical infused extra virgin olive oil! Did you know that the oils by themselves are deeply nourishing and even regenerative to skin? Organic botanicals and Extra Virgin Olive oil straight from our friend’s groves in Greece help create an exquisite skin oil! Once combined, they each spend a minimum of one month outside on the earth, basking in the sunshine, transforming more and more each day. At just the right time, we pour it up and bring it to market, use it to create our other products and use it for ourselves! I hope you will try some soon and see for yourself.


These statements are not intended to diagnose, treat or prescribe in any way. They have not been FDA approved.