Scrubs, Bath Salts and Teas


What could be better than having a line of exfoliating and nourishing scrubs for your hands, feet and face to accompany our pampering soap products? Choose your favorite or try them all! Each of these scrubs is a complete skin treatment, exfoliating, nourishing and moisturizing.

”Choose :

Sugar scrubs are a wonderful experience. We formulate ours from blends of 100% organic cane and other organic raw sugars.  Our organic ground botanicals are lightly added for extra goodness and a touch of color.  Sugar gently exfoliates, removing dead skin cells. Because it is humectant, it also helps to balance the skin as it hydrates, leaving skin soft and silky.

We have created an incredible recipe for a nourishing and exfoliating coffee scrub that is truly a sensory delight! We begin with perfectly roasted ground coffee beans and add our own infusion of vanilla oil, cacao and other nourishing botanicals. This is a gritty explosion of delicious smells that will clean and exfoliate your skin and leave it nourished, soft and beautiful!

Suggested use: Begin with damp skin, add a little scoop of the scrub, and rub face, hands, elbows, feet gently but thoroughly. When the sugars or coffee grinds begin to feel a bit dry, brush them off gently. Splash lightly with cool water and pat dry. Now massage the nourishing oils directly into the skin until they are deeply absorbed. Your skin will feel soft and silky like satin! Enjoy!!

BATH TEAS- Coming soon

Do you ever dream of a long soaking bath, fragrant with spring blossoms, summers flowers and peacefulness?

Our bath teas will bring you just that. Organic dried botanicals are blended to create the perfect bath time get away. Simply fill tub with warm water and drop a bag of our specially blended teas into the water. Allow it to steep as the tub continues to fill. Sink into the fragrant waters and relax, breathe, renew. This is your time. Enjoy! *Tea bags may be reused up to 3 times.

BATH SALTS- Coming soon

Another great addition to a wonderful healing bath is a specially blended bath salt. Naturally detoxifying, relaxing and regenerative in many ways, our blend of salts transforms your bath into a healing spa. Add this one to your regimen of self care. You will thank yourself.